Abu Dhabi

The capital’s evolving skyline and changing landscape can be viewed by land, air or sea. Experience the genuine feel of authentic Arabia while watching the sun set behind red sand dunes, play golf on any of the six distinctly diverse golf courses, or savour local and international cuisine sensations. Hallmarked by a cultural diversity and an intriguing mix of old and new, we have UNESCO World Heritage Sites, ground-breaking architectural icons, headline adrenalin attractions, award winning golf courses, luxury resorts and some of the region’s best shopping malls.

The stunning skyscrapers make for an impressive coast skyline of the iconic city.

Preserving the culture and heritage of the country is one of the key focus points of the local Emiratis and therefore pearl diving is a unique experience not to be missed.

Stunning attractions, activities and world class events are showcased in this Arabian capital.

Spend a day on the pristine beach of this beautiful island, far away from the city and perhaps enjoy a few water sports activities

Soak in the sun & desert at the desert safari